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Testimonial Builder Tops 1,000 Downloads With Addition of Android App

BALTIMORE, November 06, 2017 ( – Testimonial Builder, the premier mobile app for filming and syndicating video reviews, announced that they have surpassed 1,000 downloads of their video testimonial app with the addition of a version for the Android platform. The company initially introduced their app for iPhone and iPad devices but quickly recognized the need to expand to accommodate Android users.

Peter Martin, President and Founder of Testimonial Builder, Inc., credited the increase in downloads to pressure from clients to accommodate their employees’ Android devices. “We very quickly noticed the demand for an Android version of our app after our launch to Auto Dealers. Salespeople and service personnel were anxious to record their customers’ experiences at the time of delivery or service using their personal mobile phones but more than half of them had Android-based devices. Frankly, the Apple version of the app was much easier to develop with fewer hurdles than the Android platform, so we launched it first. When we corrected this shortcoming we saw a rapid increase in downloads!”

The challenge in developing an Android version of the app was explained by Philip Zelinger, an investor partner in Testimonial Builder, Inc. and a former auto dealer: “Our initial push to the iOS platform was a part of our original product road map. The Android platform posed some challenges to our initial timeline and development budget but it soon became clear that we needed to re-focus efforts and accelerate the delivery of that platform.”

While the addition of the Android offering has contributed to the rapid growth of Testimonial Builder, Inc., it is not the only reason according to Greg Gifford, an SEO expert who recently joined Testimonial Builder, Inc. as a member of their Board of Advisors. “Auto dealers are challenged by today’s online shoppers to provide a reason to do business with them. Customer testimonials presented as written posts on a dealers’ website are often suspect. However, video testimonials distributed through the customers’ own social media are the ultimate SEO magnets with unchallenged credibility.”

In addition to the credibility of video reviews and the social media component, the Testimonial Dealer app leverages the speech recognition capabilities of YouTube and Google. A built-in teleprompter contains keywords customized to the user’s business and location to boost the SEO standing of a business.

The Testimonial Builder app is available as a free download on the App Store and Google Play Store. Users can load up to 7 video testimonials with the free version. Testimonial Builder is available for any business looking to improve its online presence and share video testimonials.

The company plans to expand into other industries including: automotive repair, heavy trucks, health and fitness, hospitality, medical, dentistry, service, retail, professional services and real estate.

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About Testimonial Builder, Inc.

Testimonial Builder assists businesses in digital marketing sectors including online reputation, video syndication, social media, consulting, training and customer satisfaction. Testimonial Builder enables salespeople to record a customer testimonial at the time of sale when they are most excited and then automatically promote the online video testimonial. Businesses can reach and acquire new customers with video testimonials. Once uploaded, the business can showcase video testimonials on social channels or websites and can link them to any email or digital marketing collateral. This integrated and automated program improves business’ online reputation and SEO while providing an interactive social media experience for customers resulting in increased sales.

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