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Insurance reviews

Video Testimonials Make Great Insurance Reviews

People buy from who they trust. Video testimonials of your happy consumers giving a glowing insurance review will put you ahead of the game. Testimonial Builder capitalizes on the power of video, social media, Google, and YouTube. Our program promotes your search ranking and reputation through the authenticity of your clients.

With the Testimonial Builder app, you can easily and quickly produce a video testimonial at the time of sale. While you are recording your testimonial, our app guides you through a script. This script is designed to ensure that Google’s voice recognition software will identify and connect the video to you. Once your client has given their insurance review, the app provides consent forms and keyword management. Share the video and the power is on its way. Not only will the video go to your YouTube channel, but you can share the video with your client, and the two of you can share it across social media. Suddenly, you have exposed your client’s glowing testimonial to endless friends of friends.

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Available with our program:

  • iPhone App
  • Unlimited Uploads
  • Inclusion in our Insurance industry directory
  • YouTube Channel
  • Custom domains
    • Custom Website
    • Analytics
  • And More

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