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Hotel and Restaurant Reviews

Powerful Hotel and Restaurant Reviews

Video Testimonials from satisfied customers will help you corner the review market, generating more business. Testimonial Builder helps you profit from Google’s relationship with YouTube and the power of word of mouth.

The internet is pounded with reviews, good and bad. We now have a way to tell Hotel and Restaurant reviews to the world  from the horse’s mouth. Our program helps you easily record a live testimonial from a happy customer at the end of service. With our iPhone app, all your employees have to do is point camera and read the script, then keyword tagging, consent forms and publishing, follow in the app with ease.

Google is using voice recognition to analyze YouTube videos, associate them with people, places and things. Google is also increasing search rankings based on good reviews (and subsequently lower rankings based on bad reviews). But the app has another benefit, once the video is created you and the customer can share it across social platforms and then everyone’s friends of friends are watching, a priceless value. Download the app and let’s get started leading the pack in video reviews.

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Available with our program:

  • Multiple users
  • Unlimited Uploads
  • YouTube Channel
  • Analytics
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Custom Domain
  • Custom Review Site
  • Inclusion in our consumer driven directory.

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