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Online Reviews Drive Your Business

Online reviews are crucial to your business. 62% of patients find a new dentist by using online reviews. You can take the lead with Testimonial Builder. Our program gives you everything you need to create, syndicate, and integrate online reviews and video testimonials from your satisfied clients.

This incredible tool is on the cutting edge of Search Engine Optimization. Google, owner of YouTube, uses voice recognition software and reviews, to rank you in search engines. Our program helps you with a double whammy: 1) You can easily create a video of a happy client that potential clients in your area can find online, 2) Google will rank your listing higher the more good reviews you have.

Testimonial Builder, which includes an iPhone app, provides you with the means to record scripting to use the right keywords to get found, consent forms, and tag managers. You can easily lead the pack in reviews with our program. Don’t forget the hashtag #videoreviews”

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