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Facebook News Feed

Unlock the Facebook News Feed Algorithm

Does it seem like you are always seeing similar posts in your Facebook News Feed?  Maybe it’s that one friend with tons of followers, or possibly a popular page.  Let’s break down how Facebook determines what how to rank posts.

Facebook Likes:

  • Posts with lots of likes and comments, especially if they are received within a short time
  • Posts that reference a trending topic
  • Videos that receive a large number of views or extended viewing duration
  • Posts that tag other pages within the text
  • Posts that are liked or commented on by one’s friends or pages that one interacts with often
  • Posts from pages with complete profile information
  • Posts from pages where the fan base overlaps with the fan base of other known high-quality pages
  • Images and videos that have not previously appeared in the Open Graph

Facebook DOES NOT Like:

  • Clickbait (and Like-Bait)
  • Posts that include spammy links
  • Text-only status updates from pages
  • Posts that contain the words “like, comment, or share”
  • Posts with unusual engagement patterns (a like-baiting signal)
  • Posts that receive negative feedback categorizes as “meme content”
  • Overly promotional content from pages—pushing people to buy an app or service, pushing people to enter a contest or sweepstakes, posts that reuse the same text from ads

The Facebook News Feed is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your business.  By following these best practices, your content will rank higher and generate more engagement.  

Video testimonials are a great way to conquer the Facebook News Feed algorithm click here to read.  Video posts weigh more than picture and text posts and videos rank higher as they accumulate views.  Testimonial Builder makes it easy to share videos on Facebook.  The average user has 350 Facebook friends.  Use your video testimonials to reach this trusted local audience.