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May 12, 2016

by Madelynn Graham


Rank Higher on Google

Testimonials deliver ROI, bottom line.  You probably already know that…which is why you downloaded the Testimonial Builder app. For little-to-no-cost you can film customer testimonials on the spot and share with an organic, trusted online audience.  Written online reviews do not stick out like a personalized and honest video testimonial from a happy customer.  Prospective customers connect with the authenticity of a video testimonial.

Did you know Google uses voice recognition software in its SEO ranking?  It is more important than ever to use keywords in your video testimonials to rank higher on Google.  Some basic keywords to mention are your company name, the product or service that has been purchased, and your company location.  Use a script, but keep in mind you do not want your testimonials to sound robotic.  Practice mentioning your keywords in conversation.  You do not want your customer’s testimonial to sound rehearsed, so let them say what they want.  It is up to you to use keywords in your introduction and closing.  Testimonial Builder’s script feature makes the process very easy for you and your customer to shoot video testimonials.

When was the last time you watched a forced and boring video testimonial that made you feel awkward?  Don’t do that to your customers!  Testimonials should be fun and helpful to watch. Encourage your customers to gush about their experience, let the excitement show.  Now, not all purchases are as thrilling as a brand new car, that doesn’t mean you can’t coax your customer to show some emotion in their testimonial.  They bought something from you so remind them of their new purchase and get them excited about it.  Keep it conversational.  Your customers and their reaction to your product needs to be authentic. Surround yourself with positive conversation and get your company involved in the social buzz.

Testimonial Builder makes it simple for you to create personal references from people who have done business with you. You made a successful sale, so capitalize on it. Customers trust other customers more than brand-generated content.  You took the time to deliver an excellent buying experience, now use it to your benefit.  For an easy way to film and build up your customer testimonials, download our free app.