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Testimonial Builder Provides a Way to Harness the Power of Video Testimonials to Build your Business

Videos showcasing consumer testimonials of experiences are increasingly important to online shoppers

Baltimore, MD — Cactus Sky Digital and eReputation Builder are proud to announce their newest product, Testimonial Builder.

This latest innovation is a program that incorporates a mobile phone app to allow the dealership sales teams to take a video testimonial of Happy Customers at the time of delivery and share it online with ease.

Testimonials and word of mouth recommendations are the driving force behind 20 to 50% of all purchases and yet only about a third of dealerships are actively seeking and collecting customer reviews on an ongoing basis.

The Testimonial Builder mobile app uploads videos in real-time and emails the video directly to the customer so that they can share it. Purchasing a new vehicle is the 2nd largest purchase a consumer makes and they want to share this excitement with their friends. The average Facebook user has over 350 friends and the app makes it easy for them to post to Facebook and other social networks including: Google+ and Twitter. In addition, they can also email or text the video link to friends. Each time a salesperson or customer shares the video testimonial, they are reaching a large, trusted, local audience.

“Getting a positive review after the customer has left the dealership is like pulling teeth,” according to Reputation Expert Ron “mad” Max. “This app makes it possible to get a video testimonial at the time of delivery when the customer is the happiest and most receptive.”

Automotive dealerships have a bad reputation for making the car buying process stressful. 90% of consumers admit their buying decisions are influenced by the dealerships’ online reputation. According to a recent study, 93% of consumers find video helpful while comparison shopping and Testimonial Builder provides consumers with 2 of the most requested tools during the buying process.

“The early response to Testimonial Builder from auto dealers and their customers has been incredible, and we’re excited to be able to put the app in the hands of salespeople,” said Peter “webdoc” Martin, Testimonial Builder’s Founder and President. “Testimonial Builder is going to revolutionize how consumers share their positive experiences and recommend businesses. Giving users the ability to share a testimonial will give other consumers an opportunity to hear and see real feedback about a business. Sharing testimonials are a win for both the consumer and the dealership.”

Testimonial Builder is available for business owners in other industries including health and fitness, hospitality, medical, dentistry, service, retail, professional, real estate and more.

“Testimonial Builder makes it infinitely easier for consumers to share their positive experience with their friends on social media,” said Madelynn Graham, Social Media Director for Cactus Sky Digital. “This organic sharing transforms how other potential customers will view the business. Business owners will be able to take full advantage of the shared exposure because the increased video views improve the search engine relevance.”

The app is available as a free download on the app store. Load up to 27 video testimonials with your free version.

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May 19th, 2016

by Madelynn Graham